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Welcome to AjayArora.com. This site has gone through a few major updates since it originally launched back in 2001. Back then, I had little idea how popular the name "Ajay Arora" really is. A recent query on LinkedIn shows over 250 unique profiles. Fortunately, while popular, it's a far cry from the 15k+ "John Smith" profiles! With every update, I've tried to make the site cleaner than before. I'm down to just 5 tabs and only 3 colors (is a monochrome version next?).

I currently lead the mobile & connected devices team at Audible (a division of Amazon.com). Audible is the leading provider of digital audiobooks with over 100k titles. I was a huge fan of the service prior to joining, and jumped at the opportunity to make the service even better through mobile apps. If you have an iPhone, iPod, or Android device, try out our app and let me know what you think.

Over the years I've picked up some fun hobbies. I take my hobbies beyond the beginner level and strive to be good enough to teach others. Some of my more successful hobbies have allowed me to become a:

My Work Portfolio

Highlights of my more memorable projects at work. All of these glimpses are from public sources.

Projects at Audible Inc (12/09-present)

Audible for iPhone Review Audible's iAd Showcased by Apple

Projects at Bubble Motion Inc (05/08-12/09)


Projects at McKinsey and Co. (05/07-09/07)

Projects at Vulcan Inc (01/03-08/06)


More archived material coming soon...


alma matter
I earned my Bachelors of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering from McMaster University. Some of my most memorable activities while a student at Mac include:

A few years after completing my undergradute degree, I followed up with a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering (Computer Networks) from the University of Southern California.

Finally, I earned my MBA from Harvard Business School. While a student at Harvard, I was the founding editor of the Technology Column in school newspaper, The HARBUS. Here are just a few of the articles I wrote: